Custom production

Our craft is our passion. 27 years of experience, along with professional training, have lent us enough skill to produce quality parasols and promotional and shading technology. Strictly followed procedure during production according to technical documentation, thorough testing and certification of our products are also a matter of course.

Each of our products passes through our hands and therefore we leave a piece of our love in them. We believe that our products will improve your home or business. We hope that our product will become not only an extraordinary decoration, but also a functional part of your life.

We are happy to manufacture all parasols, shade structures, awnings and other products tailored to your requirements. We will take care of everything from your design to implementation. We care about quality, human approach and meeting deadlines. We cooperate not only with large companies, but also with individuals for whom we are happy to implement everything on the basis of a personal consultation.You can find more about our services here.

How it works:

  1. Your assignment/inquiry
  2. Preliminary price calculation
  3. In case of necessity of on-site consultation
  4. Proof sheet and quotation
  5. Your approval
  6. Production
  7. Shipping
  8. Satisfied customer

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Nůžkové stany pro vaše pohodlí i image

Textilní nůžkový stan je vedle reklamního slunečníku naším top produktem, který jsme za léta výroby dovedli k dokonalosti. Reklamní stánky vyrábíme ve...

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From the history of the production of parasols and awnings….

How do you feel about a 22+ year old advertising flyer? Before the establishment of Montis CZ in 1999, we started as Reno with the production of promo...

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We have photo instructions for installing all products

For all our products we have created clear, concise and illustrative guides to make it easier for you to work with a new product or to decide between ...

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