Jan Fišera

Únětický Pivovar, a.s.

We have been cooperating with the family company MONTIS CZ s.r.o. since 2012 in the field of deliveries, parasols and awnings, which we provide as part of the promotion to our customers. Communication with MONTIS CZ s.r.o. has been smooth for a long time, mainly thanks to close cooperation with its sales representative, who is a professional and knowledgeable in the field.

Every order to date has been processed within the expected timeframes and to the expected quality. Our non-standard requests were also always handled very flexibly, whether they were special prints or partial overhauls of supplied equipment.

The employees who carry out field measurements for our customers are experts who can advise on the spot, suggest the right solution and thus optimize the final appearance and, above all, the usefulness of the supplied equipment.

We are very satisfied with the services and cooperation with MONTIS CZ s.r.o. and therefore we are happy to recommend them!


Jan Fišera
sales representative
Únětický pivovar a.s.