When we can’t go to the show physically, we go there online.

Due to the world situation, most of the traditional conferences and exhibitions have been cancelled. Every year our company participates in the BRAU Beviale trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany. Although the organizers announced until the last moment that the fair would take place, albeit to a limited extent, in the end they had to cancel it. But for those of us who persevered and also believed that the fair would take place and did not withdraw from it, they gave us at least a small reward, namely the opportunity to present ourselves on My Beviale.com.

This platform now serves as a form of an online fair, where we can make a company presentation and all visitors who have come to the fair in the past will be able to visit “our stand” online. A very nice presentation was prepared for us by Renata Borovská from the sales department, for which I thank her. You can check it out for yourself at https://mybeviale.com/Companies/M/Montis-CZ-s,-d-,r,-d-,o,-d-,– I hope that our patience will bear fruit.